What is Protectyn®?                                    

Protectyn® is a very special form of colostrum which is the first milk from dairy cows that is naturally boosted with antibodies and other components to protect infants from diseases of the digestive system.

Protectyn®is scientifically formulated to be high in specific antibodies, namely anti-LPS antibodies, which target and remove harmful Bacteria and LPS Toxins in the Gut.

These Bacteria and LPS Toxins have been associated with many diseases including:

  • Leaky gut syndrome   
  • Bacterial translocation,
  • Irritable bowel syndrome,
  • Fatty liver
  • Metabolic syndrome.
  • Gut dysbiosis


Poor Gut health and LPS Toxins  

Recent advances in understanding the function of the digestive system has revealed that a disruption to the normal balance of healthy Bacteria may be the cause of many illnesses.

High fat and high sugar diets cause this disruption by allowing harmful Bacteria to substantially increase and release harmful Lipopolysaccharide (LPS) Toxins in the digestive system. This increase in harmful bacteria and the associated complications is often called Gut Dysbiosis.

The Bacteria and LPS Toxins that cause Gut Dysbiosis can in turn disrupt normal digestive function and liver health, triggering many associated diseases.

An important new step in treating many of these diseases is to remove the harmful Bacteria and LPS Toxins, so normal bacterial balance in the body can be restored.


How does Protectyn® work?

Bacteria and LPS Toxins disrupt the normal function of the Gut allowing them to pass into the blood stream and triggering inflammation that can cause many diseases.

Protectyn® contains a natural formulation of HYPERIMMUNE Bovine (Cows) Colostrum that is enriched with anti-LPS antibodies that enter the digestive system targeting harmful bacteria and their LPS Toxins. Once bound by the anti-bodies in Protectyn® these harmful elements can be safely removed from the body. 

Therefore, by removing these Bacteria and LPS Toxins, Protectyn®may help restore gut balance, maintain healthy digestive function and support liver health.

Protectyn®also contains other components naturally occurring in colostrum which have been shown to reduce inflammation in the body and provide digestive and liver health benefits.

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Why should you use Protectyn®

There are many diseases associated increased harmful bacteria in the Gut that include, gut dysbiosis, leaky gut, bacterial translocation, irritable bowel syndrome, fatty liver and metabolic syndrome.

Symptoms associated with diseases of the digestive system and liver due to harmful Bacteria and LPS Toxins, include:

  • Constipation, Diarrhoea
  • Abdominal Cramping and Pain?
  • Indigestion, Bloating
  • Allergies, Eczema, Food sensitivities
  • Fatigue, Weight loss
  • High Cholesterol, Altered liver enzymes
  • Glucose intolerance, Insulin resistance
  • Sugar/Fructose malabsorption or Intolerance?

If you are suffering any of these conditions or associated symptoms, Protectyn is the only product available that can remove the LPS Toxins and associated Bacteria that maybe the underlying cause of these diseases.


How is Protectyn® different to bovine colostrum?

Immuron has developed a proprietary process where dairy cows are immunised to substantially increase the levels of anti-LPS antibodies in the Colostrum used to manufacture Protectyn®


Protectyn® superior to Probiotics?

Protectyn® is formulated to actively bind and efficiently remove specific bacteria and their LPS Toxins from the body, which cannot be achieved with Probiotics. This is the essential first step to the RAPID re-establishment of normal gut flora, and increases the effectiveness of subsequent Probiotic treatment.

PROTECTYN® – Is a result of Australian Biotechnology and is proudly Australian owned and manufactured By IMMURON LTD. (ASX:IMC)  



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