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>Nine Finance

Immuron reduces liver inflammation (Mar 2018)


>Small Caps

Immuron positive clinical trial results fight fatty liver disease (Mar 2018)


>Business Insider

Shares in Australian pharma Immuron are going nuts (Mar 2018)


>Seeking Alpha

Immuron's IMM-124E shows encouraging action in mid-stage NASH study (Mar 2018)


>Proactive Investors

Immuron shares surge on demonstrating proof of concept for liver drug candidates (Mar 2018) 



Results in: IMC’s lead drug reduces major factor in liver inflammation (Mar 2018)


>Next Biotech

Blockbuster Results from IMC’s NASH Liver Therapy Trials (Mar 2018)


>Clinical Leader

"How do you recruit patients unaware of their disease?"



"Are These "Unsanitary" Things Really That Bad For You?" (October 2017)


>Becker's GI & Endoscopy

"Immuron's fatty liver disease candidate advancing — 4 insights" (September 2017)


>  MedCity News

"In dash to NASH, Immuron targets the gut not the liver" (March 2017)


>  The Australian Newspaper

"Biotech tackles hospital infection" (March 2017)


>  MergerMarket

"Immuron to start search for partner or buyer of fatty liver therapeutics in Q1 2017"  (October 2016)



"Immuron Watches Several High-Value NASH Related Deals"  (January 2017)



"Protect Yourself From Mosquito Bites While Traveling This Summer"  (April 2016)


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"Healthy and Safe Travel Products"  (April 2016)


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"What is hot for the Summer Travel Season?"  (March 2016)


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"5 Hot Travel Items"  (March 2016)


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